Crossfit Fitness Program

CrossFit is unlike any other fitness program, on so many levels.  People who get drawn to CrossFit are people who have this basic understanding.  However, the most successful people in CrossFit have two things in common:

  1. CrossFitters are tough minded.
  2. CrossFitters can effectively tap into team synergy. 

You are tough minded.  You have a tenacity that pretty much transcends the understanding of most.  Chances are you have endured through the toughest of circumstances and are able to lock down and do what needs to get done to obtain your objective.  This is an intrinsic quality that you have already brought to the table and have proven it.  Those who have not developed this usually will fade away.  Mental toughness is a choice.  Some find it in the box; however, Most have it before they walk in the doors.

Crossfit Teamwork

The synergy of teamwork is a little more allusive, but critical to put into action. Whether going into battle, fighting a fire, or scoring a touchdown, most great accomplishments cannot be achieved without team support.  Outside of the CrossFit community, a CrossFit WOD is a crazy impossibility.  They feel they would never have the energy to ever endure and sustain that kind of physical torture.  You have often felt this same sentiment.

As you walk in the door, you make your way to the board, to get a feel for what kind of Crossfit WOD you are going to have to endure.  As you are being told your mission, you may start to fill with anxiety and self doubt. You take an internal diagnostic of your energy systems, fatigue levels, aches, injuries, muscle soreness and physical limitations.  You can feel the anxiety start to build.  You look at each other’s eyes trying to find something to give you strength and assurance that you will be successful and not fail.  You then hear “3-2-1 GO!”  and then, something magical happens!

What you may not know is you have tapped into the synergy of the group dynamic and it produces a level of intensity it would be impossible to sustain if you were working out by yourself. Your inner being literally draws energy from that group. It is an unexplained energy that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Like a spec. ops. team getting dropped in the middle of chaos and having to somehow make it work, you have unknowingly tapped into something greater than yourself.

Crossfit WOD

At first, as you start to plow through your Crossfit WOD, you may feel like you are going to die a painful death.  Before you know it, you’re halfway done.  Next thing you know, you hear the comforting voice of “only 30 seconds left.” You not only survived, you actually overcame.  You may not have been the fastest or strongest but you finished.  It did not beat you. You conquered something where most people would pass out, wither and die.

We have all been thrown together in this box.  Whether it was random chance or your destiny to be here, you will be fighting many battles together, on even tougher terrain. If you view each other as your team, you will be on your way to create a training environment that will be electrical.  An environment you can literally plug into. You need everyone’s participation as much as they need yours.  To the extent that you understand this concept, is the extent you can tap into it and unleash all kinds of potential.  People from 24 hour, LA Fitness or even PX90 do not get to experience this group thing and their resulting progress will always have diminishing returns.

Crossfit Potential

Now that you are aware of it, unleash your potential!  Focus on your group and your individual outputs will sore! You have the ability to drive your performance to a level that only Crossfit elite team athletes have experienced. The coach has only one cheerleading voice.  The other voices should be yours!  The CFX Blog is not just an arena for social networking; it is your Blog to use as a tool to build camaraderie and cohesion. No one should get left behind. Get on that blog. Get your team mate on the blog. Text each other. Call each other up. Call each other out!  Together, you have experienced the blood, sweat and tears.  You have felt each others pain.  You have gone through and will continue to go through, Hell and high water TOGETHER!   Harness this synergy and watch what happens to your individual performances!

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